All packages, maximum space!

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With us, you get a pre-installed WordPress that you can easily and quickly fill in with your content without much prior knowledge. There is no advertising on the site to cover our expenses and all necessary plugins are pre-installed when you start.

You get a web host with maximum performance no matter which package you choose. This means that you can create 100 new websites or store 200 domains if you want.

So you get login to your new website and login to your mega hotel!

The difference between a 30 kronor ($3) package and an ($8) 80 kronor package is that the company pays VAT and our set-up fee! In other words, we sponsor private individuals and small businesses that do not have such a large income yet!

50,000 visitors per month guarantee

Thanks to our unique design in the “Plus Package”, readers will return to your website or blog with us. Right now, the number of readers is between 50,000 and 120,000 dependent activity. We guarantee it, otherwise you will get your money back and you will be able to see the proof in your statistics!

Note This does not apply if the network has been hacked or if for some reason you stop writing blog posts, advertisements or press releases. The number of visits is based on your activity – at least 1 blog post per day!

Maximum marketing

The biggest difference is thus the plus package for SEK 1998 / month ($199). This is where our unique knowledge comes in. We know that most blogs, businesses and startups fail because they lack the resources and skills to market them!

You can not market yourself if people do not see what you offer and how should they be able to see you? Visibility is incorrectly promised through technical expertise on websites, such as “search engine optimization”.

That is not enough today (2020) as there are 1.8 billion websites. A search engine optimization becomes just one in the crowd in a huge phone directory where everyone does the same thing!

Your visibility

That is why we place our emphasis on the visibility of our customers. You may want to create a new website or have a blog already that needs a real boost! This service does not drive visitors to your site, your site instead knocks at the visitors’ homes!

So we do not carry out any traffic activities, which can lead to a real crash in the end. Both for your website and your reputation as an entrepreneur!

The service means that each post you write will be 500 different variants, which are published on about 2000 websites and we are still growing, which are pinged in almost 300 update services every hour globally!

Each website has between 7 and 300,000 feed subscribers in the current X 2000 websites.

Be anonymous

It can be important for some not to be seen with their actual marketing and we never ask why.

How does a website in a hotel work here?
Lightning fast with LIGHTSPEED server and SSD driver!

Our stable and lightning-fast web platform LIGHTSPEED is included in all our packages and is perfect for when you have quality requirements for a larger and more performance-demanding website.


You can have an unlimited number of email addresses or aliases. In addition, you can of course read your e-mail via both POP3, IMAP and via our flexible new webmail.


Get started with your own online store with just a few clicks with one of the e-commerce solutions that Softacolous offers.

Ad Coupon

Our web hosts include 1 coupon (value SEK 500 or $50) for advertising through the marketing network, in order to be able to advantageously try to advertise and drive traffic from an extreme amount of web channels to you.

Safer website with SSL

An SSL certificate encrypts the traffic between your site and your visitors, making it impossible for unauthorized persons to steal sensitive information (such as login or account information).

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