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US UFO video isn’t a deal breaker – Aliens are real!

The problem with extra terrestrial life forms for us humans, is our way of thinking. We create everything we believe in, in the image of ourselves, or as far as our imagination can be stretched. If we can see it, if we can feel it, if we can hear it or if we in group can imagine a super power as Religion -then it exists otherwise it doesn’t!

But why should possible life forms from other galaxies, and different chaotic existential systems, be ruled beneath the same mathematical, and periodic system solvents as us earthlings? 9 out of 10 who has witnessed aliens, has been influenced by an unidentifiable power during sleep. This clearly states that the existence of extra terrestrial life forms is not in the image of us, but in the image of an edge cutting power, and we wouldn’t recognize a Martian even if we saw one.

What if that parallel universe exists here right now, and we too as it, are layers of different realities in the same time? Nothing states that there can be only one equation existing in the same time, in the same place! Perhaps even a few of us from mirroring worlds, can stretch through and beyond the skin that separates us? -If we can do that, then our dreams will be wormholes to other realities.

If ”they” reached me, then I clearly touched them, but when will the universe inside our heads become acceptable as a definition of reality?


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“Vi vet bara det vi vet, om vi inte utforskar det vi inte vet och aldrig har hört talas om”!

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