Hi guy’s, long time no see…

So anyway, I guess I needed time to ”resurrect”? I am back with a new book in the UFO series, I’ll start vlogging again and as you see, I have built an entirely new interface. Thing is that I wanted to spoil you with the good stuff, that mean I will be uploading magazines when I have the chance, and what can you do with a magazine?

-That’s right, you can download it! And the articles here are as always FREE!

I’ll be sharing the best UFO stories (fresh news only) and as I always say ”believe it or not”, the truth has both many shapes and a lot of different faces!

What will I talk about?

UFO’s, Ghosts and everything outside the normal. We know aliens don’t exist right? We also know they do! And just how are we going to solve this equation without tiptoeing into a parallel universe?

And, ah yes, I am going to talk about that too, -have you ever felt so close, that you could almost reach in to another dimension? Stay tuned as I slowly refill the Xristine-Window with a lot of Friday night reading, and do keep someone close, you never know if what I am about to tell you is a true story! If it is, it just might turn you white as a ghost!

UFO – Alien


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