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Hidden underground temple or did Templars hide from European Heathens here!

As usual please remember that what I write is a suggestion to the truth

The Shell Grotto is an ornate subterranean passageway shell grotto in Margate, Kent. Almost all the surface area of the walls and roof is covered in mosaics created entirely of seashells, totalling about 2,000 square feet (190 m2) of mosaic, or 4.6 million shells. It was discovered in 1835, but its age and purpose remain unknown.


The Shell Grotto is like a winding subterranean passageway, 2.4 m high (differs here and there) and are 21 meter in length, ending with an rectangular room that locals call the Altar Chamber and measures 5 by 6 meter.

The cave facility is entirely below ground and the upper ”floor” end lead into a passage about 1.07 meters wide, roughly chopped out of the chalk stone walls and winds down as an serpentine until it reaches a beautiful arch. The entire walls and roof from this point on are covered in with this astonishing shell mosaic.

The arch then leads to the Rotunda, a central circular column, meeting at the farther side at the Dome – the hole in the ceiling allowing some daylight in and maybe also people and seashells! The entire ”church” looks like temple for worship and I haven’t seen the likes of the mosaic patterns before, still I have research in my backpack, dating back 6000 years before Christ. To me this structure smells of fraud (because the origin has with intention not been verified). The two arches in the sides are those leading from the Rotunda, whilst the arch in the base leads into the Serpentine Passage.

One of the reasons that I find the Grotto dubious is because of the shifting designs. There are no story to tell. Placing 4.6 million pieces of seashells without any kind of reoccurring pattern is clearly a waste of time. This passage, with its curving walls and over-arching vaults, rather tell the story of a sect, a philanthropist or a money scheme.

In the next picture, I show something interesting, the Egypt symbol Ankh. This mean to me at least that the creator knew a tad of Egypt history. The arches over the doorways resemble Gothic churches o cathedrals more than temples and these ”grottos” were used by the Templar’s all over Europe to hide inside due to the Northeans resistance. They were often formed by Neanderthals or as in Jordan, by the Annunakies and then ”rediscovered” and claimed by the Romans IE Christians (The grotto beneath the City of Acre).

The next picture clearly show a heart. Hearts as symbols didn’t come use before the 1400’s.

History (Wikipedia)

There are conflicting accounts of the grotto’s discovery, although most agree on a date of 1835. The earliest reference to the discovery appears in an article in a predecessor of the Kentish Mercury of 9 May 1838:[6]

Belle Vue cottage, a detached residence, has been lately been purchased by a gentleman, who, having occasion for some alterations, directed the workmen to excavate some few feet, during which operation the work was impeded a large stone, the gentleman being immediately called to the spot, directed a minute examination, which led to the discovery of an extensive grotto, completely studded with shells in curious devices, most elaborately worked up, extending an immense distance in serpentine walks, alcoves, and lanes, the whole forming one of the most curious and interesting sights that can possibly conceived, and must have been executed by torch light. We understand the proprietor intends shortly to open the whole for exhibition, at small charge for admission.

It has remained in private ownership ever since.

From the Templar scrolls:

”Under the iron yoke of these fierce Northern strangers, the Christians were fearfully oppressed; they were driven from their churches; divine worship was ridiculed and interrupted; and the patriarch of the Holy City was dragged by the hair of his head over the sacred pavement of the church of the Resurrection, and cast into a dungeon, to extort a ransom from the sympathy of his flock. The pilgrims who, through innumerable perils, had reached the gates of the Holy City, were plundered, imprisoned, and frequently massacred; an aureus, or piece of gold, was exacted as the price of admission to the holy sepulchre, and many, unable to pay the tax, were driven by the swords of the Turcomans from the very threshold of the object of all their hopes, the bourne of their long pilgrimage, and were compelled to retrace their weary steps in sorrow and anguish to their distant homes. The melancholy intelligence of the profanation of the holy places, and of the oppression and cruelty of the Turcomans, aroused the religious chivalry of Christendom; “a nerve was touched of exquisite feeling, and the sensation vibrated to the heart of Europe.””


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